Sieben Motive, warum Menschen auf ein Suchresultat klicken

An important reason to click is

  1. the familiarity with and reliability of the website or organization. Keywords which refer to a brand are therefore very important.
  2. A highposition in the search results also creates trust and suggests to the respondents that the information is recent.
  3. A third important reason for clicking is the presence of the keyword in the search result.
  4. Consumers are also looking for certain website services such as the opportunity to read user experiences or to compare different products.
  5. (Indirect) price information is important: especially keywords which refer to ‘low costs’.
  6. The announcement that there is a large variety of products can also be a reason for respondents to click on the search result.
  7. Finally, consumers seem to avoid results with aggressive advertising. Preventing (too) many capital letters and exclamation marks can positively influence click behaviour.

Quelle: A study by Market Research Agency De Vos & Jansen in cooperation with full service Search Engine Media Agency Checkit

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